5-Minute Gratitude Journal for Teen Girls

5-Minute Gratitude Journal for Teen Girls

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Help teens girls experience the power of gratitude

When teens get in the habit of appreciating the things that make them happy, every day will have a little more joy and promise. The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal for Teen Girls helps girls ages 12 to 16 create a consistent gratitude practice, with writing prompts, inspirational quotes, and positive affirmations created especially for them. In just 5 minutes each day, they’ll discover how to approach new situations with compassion, confidence, and optimism.

  • Short and guided―These prompts are quick and to the point so teen girls can reflect for just a few minutes and then get on with their day.
  • Simple and substantial―Teens will cultivate gratitude with questions and fill-in-the-blanks that are uplifting, deep, and meaningful.
  • Empowering and relevant―Give teens the tools to feel more powerful, embrace what makes them unique, and navigate troubles with grace and maturity.


Show teen girls how to boost their happiness and self-esteem with this gratitude journal.