Hot Pot Cookbook for Beginners

Hot Pot Cookbook for Beginners

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Visit Asia from your kitchen with easy and delicious hot pot recipes

Hot pot cooking is enjoyed all over Asia (and the world) for its unique flavors, hearty broths, and the way it brings friends and family together. Hot pot newcomers will love the Hot Pot Cookbook for Beginners and its accessible introduction to this traditional cooking method. Discover a melting pot of Asian cuisines and how to properly prepare them at home.

  • Hot pot how-to—Find everything you need to know about enjoying hot pot cooking with tips on setting the table, portion planning, and other essential hot pot primers.
  • Recipes for any occasion—Discover easy-to-follow recipes with dedicated chapters on sauces, broths, meat and seafood, and veggie and tofu hot pots.
  • Ingredient buying guide—Easily source the necessary ingredients for an authentic hot pot with handy guidance on how to shop in-store and online.


Enjoy delectable hot pot meals with this indispensable beginner’s guide.