Hot Sauce Cookbook for Beginners

Hot Sauce Cookbook for Beginners

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Turn up the heat on any dish with homemade hot sauce

Nearly every corner of the planet has its own beloved hot sauce. This beginner-friendly hot sauce cookbook has everything you need to start making classic hot sauces and regional favorites from scratch. 

What sets this hot sauce recipe book apart:

  • Intro to hot sauces—Learn the fundamentals for making homemade hot sauces, the fermented and non-fermented methods, and what you need to know about chiles—from tame poblanos to scorching habañeros.
  • Stocking the saucy kitchen—Discover the must-have staples you should stock in your pantry along with the equipment you’ll need and tips for preserving and storing your creations.
  • Regional flavors—Go on a heated world tour with recipes divided by regions and explore different palates and spice profiles. Plus you’ll find more than a dozen recipes for cooking with hot sauces you made.


Spice it up in the kitchen with the easy-to-make recipes in the hot sauce cookbook.