The Complete IBS Diet Plan

The Complete IBS Diet Plan

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Adjust your diet and alleviate your IBS symptoms

What you eat can have a profound effect on your IBS and your overall gut health. The Complete IBS Diet Plan explains why certain foods may produce symptoms and how IBS sufferers can avoid these triggers by following a low FODMAP diet (restricting foods that contain short-chain carbs and sugars that are difficult to absorb). You’ll find lifestyle advice, easy meal plans, and soothing recipes, many of which are 30-minute, 5-ingredient, or one-pot dishes.

Quickly learn to adjust what you eat with:

  • 30-day elimination diet—Detailed meal plans and comprehensive shopping lists ensure adopting a low FODMAP diet is simple and straightforward while helping you cut out the foods that may be causing your discomfort.
  • 80 healing recipes—Delectable dishes such as hearty Huevos Rancheros and refreshing Tropical Citrus Smoothies make it easy to alter your eating habits.
  • Guidance for reintroduction—Learn how to successfully reintroduce foods back into your diet with practical advice, clear instructions, and a chart to record your reactions.


Find gastrointestinal relief thanks to The Complete IBS Diet Plan.