The Vegan Japanese Cookbook

The Vegan Japanese Cookbook

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Create vegan versions of your favorite Japanese dishes

Now you can satisfy your cravings for Japanese delicacies while sticking to a plant-based diet. The Vegan Japanese Cookbook delivers 75 recipes to help you cook up both traditional vegan dishes and vegan versions of mouthwatering classics.

  • Japanese culinary traditions—Learn about the practice of Shojin Ryori (a vegetarian style of eating introduced by Japanese monks), the core components that comprise a Japanese meal, the importance of umami, and more.
  • Simple, flavorful recipes—Prepare savory dishes like Tofu Sukiyaki Hot Pot, Orange Temari Sushi, and Veggie Nest Kakiage Tempura using straightforward recipes that are simple to follow.
  • Japanese pantry essentials—Learn to stock your pantry with Japanese food staples including mirin, wasabi, udon noodles, miso, and more.


Discover just how easy and enjoyable it is to prepare plant-based versions of popular Japanese recipes.