Edible Crafts - Kids Cookbook - Ages 4-8: 25 Fun Projects to Make and Eat!

Edible Crafts - Kids Cookbook - Ages 4-8: 25 Fun Projects to Make and Eat!

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Deliciously fun edible art projects for kids ages 4 to 8

What’s cooler than making a masterpiece you can eat? The Edible Crafts Kids’ Cookbook for ages 4-8 will get little Picassos swishing, swirling, mixing, and molding in the kitchen as they create super fun art projects they’ll delight in and devour when they're done.

This must-have cookbook for kids will let them have their art and eat it too using:

  • Flavor-filled fun and learning—Kids will craft 25 sweet and savory delights from real food, everything from constellation cookies to monster-faced veggie cups. As they knead, frost, and measure their way through each recipe they’ll learn cooking and science skills.
  • Simple instructions—Keep fidgety fingers busy and on task using simple steps and plenty of pictures that make it easy to see what you’re creating together.
  • Edible art for all—Each recipe is rated by difficulty and includes labels for dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and vegetarian options. This way it’s easy to pick the perfect project and ensure everyone in the family can indulge in each tasty creation.


Spark their creativity, teach them invaluable kitchen skills, and inspire a lifelong love of food with the Edible Crafts Kids’ Cookbook for ages 4-8.