The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook

The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook

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Learn what makes you happy and find your purpose in midlife

Midlife comes with changes that can feel surprising and disorienting, but it also offers the opportunity for transformation and joyful adventure. The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook provides tools, support, and exercises that will help you navigate the midlife journey with a refreshed perspective and renewed sense of purpose.

  • Rediscover yourself—Assess how satisfied you are with life right now, journal about the lessons you’ve learned from your past, and create a personalized midlife renewal plan.
  • Get excited about midlife—Become more optimistic about midlife as you spend time re-evaluating your values, goals, and dreams. You’ll focus on positivity by learning how to monitor self-talk, embrace your core values, and put a halt to limiting thoughts.
  • Find inspiration in real people—Get motivated and feel a sense of reassurance by reading real stories of people who’ve worked through the challenges of midlife, like divorce, health issues, and aging children, and found true contentment.


Get to know yourself again and embrace change and personal growth using The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook.