Native American Stories for Kids

Native American Stories for Kids

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Explore Native American narratives—for kids ages 6 to 9

Native Americans have a long tradition of storytelling. Now, you can easily introduce your children to these rich cultures with a compilation of powerful tales from multiple tribes like the Cheyenne and the Lenape.

What sets this book apart from other Native American books for kids:

  • Tales from 12 tribes—Kids will embark on a literary adventure with 12 stories from tribes around America, exploring lore about how the mountain Denali formed, why the North Star stays still, and more.
  • Tribal history—Every story ends with a brief historical sketch of the tribe, providing context and offering a glimpse into their way of life and their traditions.
  • Fun facts—The learning doesn’t stop with the stories; a collection of fascinating facts, suggestions for additional reading, and a glossary of important words give kids a deeper understanding and appreciation.


Spark excitement in Native American history and culture with enchanting stories from tribes across the continent.