Soccer for Kids: Learn the Basics & Play the Game

Soccer for Kids: Learn the Basics & Play the Game

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Gooooooal! Exciting soccer basics for kids ages 6 to 9

No sport is watched, played, or enjoyed in the world more than soccer (called football in most places). Millions of fans from all over the globe have developed a love for not only playing and watching soccer, but also learning the fun facts, player stats, and history of this high-energy sport. Soccer for Kids provides an engaging, easy-to-understand breakdown of the rules and history of this exciting sport. Kids will discover soccer’s past, meet famous pro athletes, and develop a lifelong interest in playing it, too!

Go beyond other soccer books for kids with:

  • Soccer 101—This book covers the basics of soccer and all the rules new players need with drills for kicking, passing, and dribbling.
  • Player profiles—Discover some of the most influential soccer players of all time and get fun facts about their careers, championship titles, and world records.
  • Soccer then and now—Young athletes will learn how the sport has evolved over the years and show off their soccer trivia with friends.


Kick off a love of soccer from an early age with this introductory soccer book.