Reiki Healing for the Chakras

Reiki Healing for the Chakras

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Heal and balance your chakras through the power of reiki

Chakra healing and reiki originate from different traditions but they are organically linked, focusing on healing and manipulating the energy that moves through us. This reiki book is your guide to combining the power of your chakras with the art of energy healing. You’ll learn how to let your energy flow freely so your mind and body can thrive.

  • The reiki-chakra connection—Learn how to use specific reiki techniques to heal and align each of your main chakras, improving every aspect of your well-being.
  • For all experience levels—Whether this is your first foray into energy healing or you have an established practice, you’ll find clear explanations that help you understand the core tenets of both reiki and chakras.
  • Clear illustrations—Find illustrations that explain hand positions, reiki symbols, chakra locations, and more, to help ensure success as you learn to heal yourself and others.


Use energy safely, gently, and effectively to heal inside and out with Reiki Healing for the Chakras.