Autism Social Skills Book for Kids

Autism Social Skills Book for Kids

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Help kids with ASD build social skills and boost confidence—activities for ages 6 to 9


Kids with autism can face a lot of challenges, but they also have lots of unique skills and perspectives to share! And this fun activity book helps them tackle a new one: social skills! Inside, they’ll discover a range of different exercises that can help them learn new ways to interact with family, make friends, and feel more comfortable everywhere they go.

  • 40 engaging activities—Keep kids interested with a variety of fill-in-the-blanks, games, quizzes, writing prompts, and more. They’ll even learn how to talk to their friends about ASD.
  • Build important skills—These activities will help kids practice talking, listening, reading body language, and understanding social cues.
  • Just for kids—Kid-friendly language and relatable examples make this book easy to understand for younger children with autism.


Go beyond other autism books for kids with one that puts a positive spin on learning how to be social.