The Blended Family Activity Book for Kids

The Blended Family Activity Book for Kids

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Build a beautiful blended family with this activity book for kids ages 6 to 9

Adjusting to changes in your family dynamic can be challenging, especially for young children. This compassionate activity book teaches kids critical tools for exploring and addressing their feelings as they learn to adapt to their blended family.

What sets this blended family book apart from other step parenting books:

  • Engaging activities—From neighborhood scavenger hunts to making their own superhero shield, this workbook is packed with 50 exciting activities that help kids connect with their emotions and create space for family bonding.
  • Easy read—Whimsical illustrations, a fun layout, and an approachable tone make this book a pleasure to read and work through, for kids and parents alike.
  • Parenting tips—Each activity includes a brief explainer for parents, step parents, and caregivers, underlining the intention behind the chosen activity and highlighting how to make the most of the moment.


Help children embrace their growing tribe with The Blended Family Activity Book for Kids.