Blended Family Workbook for Teens

Blended Family Workbook for Teens

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When families change, sometimes it can be tough for teens to figure out where they really fit in. This supportive workbook helps them better understand their feelings about their new situation, navigate the challenges it can present, and take care of themselves as they adjust to changing dynamics.

This book can be used on its own or together with The Blended Family Journal for Teens for more opportunities to reflect and explore their feelings.

What sets this blended family book apart:

  • Simple exercises—Writing prompts, quizzes, and more help teens with everything from examining their emotions to communicating better with new family members.
  • Practical advice—Teens will discover a variety of straightforward practices that they can use to find their calm when emotions are running high.
  • The help teens need—This book offers guidance based on the unique challenges teens face, including real stories drawn from the experiences of other teens to help them see they aren’t alone.


Give your teen the tools they need to feel at home in their new family.