The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults, Vol. 2

The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults, Vol. 2

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Exercise your mind with the next volume in the ultimate collection of brain puzzles

You know that Keeping your brain healthy is just as important as taking care of your body —and puzzles are a fun way to do it! All puzzles are great for brain health, but different kinds of puzzles strengthen different mental skills: Crossword puzzles boost vocabulary, Cryptograms test deductive reasoning, and Sudoku is good for number sense. This brain puzzles book for adults features 6 different types of puzzles, with a section for each one that includes an instructional warm-up and a quick explanation of its brain health benefits.

The puzzles progress through four different challenge levels, so you can watch your skills improve while strengthening your mind. With an updated format, the Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults Vol. 2 lets you choose the puzzle that fits your mood and enjoy hours of brain-boosting fun.

Sharpen your pencils and start building brainpower today with the best choice in brain puzzle books for adults.