A Christian Marriage Book – 52-Week Devotional for Wives

A Christian Marriage Book – 52-Week Devotional for Wives

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Strengthen your faith and become a more honorable wife

Making your faith the foundation of your marriage is one of the most important ways you can create a strong and lasting relationship. The 52-Week Devotional for Wives helps you do that every day, with Scripture, stories, and prayers that encourage you to grow closer to God and your partner. Through self-reflection and Bible study, you’ll discover new truths about yourself and your relationship that can help you be a better wife and Christian woman.

Go beyond other Christian books for women with:

  • One year of devotions—Explore weekly devotions that help you incorporate your faith into your relationship and grow as a wife over time.
  • Guidance for every part of life—Find prompts that cover a range of topics, including how to center God in your marriage, honor your partner, practice forgiveness, and cultivate intimacy.
  • Ways to engage with Scripture—Every devotion includes a short Bible verse as well as a prayer, reflection, or piece of practical advice to help you apply each lesson to your marriage.


Go beyond other Christian marriage books with a devotional for women that shows you how to root yourself in your faith and be the best wife you can be.