Raising Girls: A Christian Parenting Book

Raising Girls: A Christian Parenting Book

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Weave the Bible’s wisdom into your parenting and instill faith in your daughter

As a parent, you will always be your daughter’s first and most powerful influence—which is why it’s so important to raise her with God by your side. This guide is full of practical parenting advice and spiritual insights that show you how to root your parenting in God’s Word and raise your daughter with intention and care.

What sets this guide apart from other Christian parenting books:

  • The basics of raising girls—Gain a better understanding of your daughter’s emotional and physical development, and define the values and goals that keep her close to Christ.
  • Parenting principles—Explore Bible-based principles that help you model your faith, set and respect boundaries, and create the foundation for a relationship based on love, trust, and understanding.
  • Targeted techniques—Learn specific strategies for affirming your daughter’s self-worth, dealing with bullies, navigating social media, and more.


Be the wise and Christ-honoring parent your daughter deserves with help from this modern, Scripture-based guide.