Bariatric Slow Cooker Cookbook

Bariatric Slow Cooker Cookbook

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Recover from bariatric surgery with safe slow cooker recipes

Slow cookers are the perfect option for preparing the soft and simple meals you need as you heal from bariatric surgery. This cookbook shows you how to create satisfying and surgery-safe slow cooker meals in just a few steps—for post-op recuperation and lifelong health.

What sets this slow cooker cookbook apart from the rest:

  • Essential bariatric information—All 80 of these recipes include nutritional calculations, proper portion sizes, and are marked with the stage of healing they’re safe for: liquids, pureed foods, soft foods, and general diet.
  • Easy prep for every meal—Deciding what to eat is a breeze with 80 recipes that practically cook themselves, so you can focus on rest and recovery, and start building healthy habits for life.
  • The power of the slow cooker—Learn how to keep healthy meals on hand by slow-cooking in large batches so you can freeze meals for later.


Simplify your transition to life after bariatric surgery with the Bariatric Slow Cooker Cookbook.