Spies in the Civil War for Kids: A History Book

Spies in the Civil War for Kids: A History Book

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Send spy-enthusiasts ages 8 to 12 behind enemy lines with top-secret Civil War history 

When it comes to getting kids interested in history, the secretive tales of spies are a great place to start. Filled with exciting stories about the brave men and women who served in plain clothes, this unique look into the Civil War helps history come alive through explorations of cunning plots, inventive gadgets, and clever disguises that are sure to fascinate kids.

Go beyond other Civil War books for kids with:

  • A complete overview—This book teaches kids about the Civil War and the many spies that played key roles in the conflict.
  • Spy tools—Kids will discover the unbelievable ways spies outsmarted their enemies with boiled eggs, fake cannons, and signal flags.
  • Illustrated history—Awesome full-color drawings of historical moments, spy gadgets, battle maps, and more keep kids engaged.


Show kids how exciting learning about US history can be with Spies in the Civil War for Kids.