Your Emotions and You: A Workbook

Your Emotions and You: A Workbook

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Manage your emotions instead of letting them manage you

Emotions are a part of every thought and action we take, but when we neglect them it’s hard to live a full and connected life. This supportive workbook provides advice, exercises, and tools that will help you understand and manage your feelings as you learn to practice compassion for yourself and others.

What sets this workbook apart from other books on untangling emotions and social emotional learning:

  • Emotions 101—Learn what impacts emotions, how they can impact you, and how well you currently relate to yours.
  • Build an emotional tool kit—Look inward to better understand your emotions using a wide range of exercises that will help you practice patience and self-compassion, including journaling, mindfulness, and gratitude.
  • Work with your emotions—Deep dive into what triggers them, tips for managing them, and how to use your newfound knowledge to spur personal growth.


Master emotional regulation and improve your life and relationships using Your Emotions and You: A Workbook.