The Complete Guide to Tarot and Astrology

The Complete Guide to Tarot and Astrology

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Illuminate your purpose and your path through tarot and astrology

Tarot and astrology can be effective tools when you need to work through complicated feelings and questions. This comprehensive guide examines how useful the two practices can be when combined, highlighting the insight they offer into relationships, personal decisions, and so much more.

What sets this tarot book guide apart:

  • Foundations of tarot and astrology—A complete overview explores the evolution of both tarot and astrology, including essential elements like planets, suits, houses, and modalities.
  • Sample readings and spreads—Build a relationship with your cards and hone your ability to interpret their symbols with examples of classic readings and spreads, including the Horseshoe and Full Moon.
  • Card profiles—Take a deeper dive into the Major Arcana cards, like The Magician, as well as Minor Arcana cards, like the Queen of Swords, and discover how they represent life events and archetypal issues.


Harness the power of tarot and astrology for personal growth and self-discovery with this comprehensive guide.