Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook

Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook

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Learn how to make and share Chinese hot pot at home

Hot pot is the perfect way to bring friends and family to the table. Together, everyone can share a leisurely meal and cook their own food exactly the way they like it. It’s fun to make, easy to customize, and the Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook gives you all the flavorful recipes and simple techniques you need to create a belly-warming hot pot feast at home.

  • Build the basics—Discover recipes for making broth, creating your own add-ins and sauces, and tips for cooking and combining ingredients.
  • Have a hot pot party—Get guidance on hosting hot pot for a group! Learn where to find ingredients, how much to buy for each person, how to set up your tables, and some helpful hot pot etiquette.
  • Take a culinary journey—Explore flavors from different regions of China with options for using traditional ingredients, or everyday ingredients from any conventional grocery store.


Enjoy Chinese hot pot anytime with a cookbook that walks you through every step.