Guided Journal for Women with Anxiety

Guided Journal for Women with Anxiety

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Take control of your anxiety and live a calmer life

If you’re a woman who struggles with anxiety, you’re not alone. Modern life can be stressful, but guided journaling is a proven way to explore your feelings and find relief. This book provides writing prompts and practices to improve your mental health and bring peace to your life every day. Your healing begins now.

What sets this anxiety workbook apart from other self-care journals for women:

  • An evidence-based approach—Learn how to live in the moment and cope with anxiety using exercises based on proven methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy and attachment-focused therapy.
  • Holistic healing—Discover how to regulate your mind and body by listing things you can control, reflecting on the good in your life, paying attention to your thought patterns, and more.
  • Encouraging affirmations—Build a more positive belief system with inspiring mantras, such as “I define myself through the strength, calm, and happiness in my life. My anxiety does not define me.”


Learn strategies to control your anxiety that you can start using today with this guided journal for women.