Self-Motivation Quotes for Women

Self-Motivation Quotes for Women

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Find the confidence and inspiration to power through life’s ups and downs

Self-motivation drives you forward when there’s no one else around to give you a push, making it so much easier to overcome daily challenges and achieve your goals. This standout among self-motivation books for women has more than 100 compelling quotes and stories to give you a boost of confidence and empowerment that will carry you through any situation.

  • Words from wise women—Get inspired by thought-provoking insights and life lessons from a wide range of powerful women, including Laverne Cox, Victoria Cruz, and Anne Frank.
  • Meaningful encouragement—Explore anecdotes that will help you get through tough times, own your power as a woman, use your voice, and stay true to yourself.
  • Self-motivate your way—Feel free to read the book from front to back, or flip through and find the message that fits your current situation—there are no rules here!


Pick up this top choice in inspirational books for women and get motivated to start living your best life today.