Rise and Shine - Daily Affirmations for Women

Rise and Shine - Daily Affirmations for Women

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Start your mornings with confidence and intention

Inspiration and motivation can sometimes feel elusive when you’re rushing to get your day started—but there’s magic to be found in mornings when you stop and take a few minutes for yourself. This empowering book for women offers uplifting affirmations and exercises that will help you approach your first hours of the day with a renewed sense of hope and happiness.

What sets Rise and Shine - Daily Affirmations for Women apart from other positive affirmations books for women:

  • Practice self-love—Unlock your limitless potential and get excited about your day with inspiring affirmations you can read while you sip your favorite morning beverage.
  • Rise and shine your way—Tap into your confidence and give yourself a boost using evidence-based exercises that will help shift your mindset and set the stage for a successful day.
  • Keep it brief and focused—It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set yourself up to conquer your mornings and build healthy habits using these motivating messages and easy exercises.


Shift your morning mindset into one of positivity with Rise and Shine - Daily Affirmations for Women.