Catholic Devotional for First-Time Moms

Catholic Devotional for First-Time Moms

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Navigate new motherhood with God by your side

Becoming a mother is a glorious gift—and a massive adjustment. Let this uplifting devotional guide you through life as a new parent, with supportive words that encourage you to find strength in your Catholic faith. Each devotion helps prepare you for the challenges and rewards that come with being a mom.

This Catholic devotional for women includes:

  • 90 inspiring devotions—A wide selection of Bible excerpts paired with real-life stories offer comfort and insight on all aspects of motherhood, from seeking help with postpartum depression to carving out time for yourself.
  • Food for thought—Each devotion ends with reflection questions, a daily action, and guided prayer, all of which provide greater understanding of God’s Word and help you apply His wisdom to your own life.
  • A flexible approach—The book’s simple format means you can explore these devotions in any order and at any pace, making it perfect for a first-time mom.


Embrace motherhood with the spiritual guidance in Catholic Devotional for First-Time Moms.