Manifestation Journal for Beginners

Manifestation Journal for Beginners

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Make your dreams come true using the incredible power of your thoughts

Manifestation harnesses the power of your thoughts to make your deepest desires a reality. This guided journal provides an in-depth introduction to manifestation plus powerful writing prompts to help you create the unbelievably amazing life you deserve.

What sets this manifestation journal apart from other mindfulness journals:

  • Manifesting 101—Open your heart to the limitless possibility that surrounds you by learning how manifestation works and creating a plan of action for achieving your goals.
  • The Law of Attraction—Explore the relationship between manifestation and the Law of Attraction, a philosophy that states “like attracts like.” By combining these time-honored techniques it’s possible to let go of negative beliefs and start attracting more of the things you want in life.
  • Life-changing prompts—Start manifesting today using these inspiring journaling exercises and empowering affirmations. You’ll get inspired by learning how to trust your intuition, writing down why the universe loves you, and more.


Tap into the power of your mind to achieve your goals using the Manifestation Journal for Beginners.