A Year of Minimalism

A Year of Minimalism

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Embrace minimalism in your life, one day at a time

Discover how easy it can be to get rid of the physical and mental clutter in your life so you can start living better the minimalist way. Featuring a new entry for every day of the year, this book helps you build a practice of mindful minimalism that will lead you toward a simpler and more satisfying life.

Go beyond other minimalism books and discover:

  • 365 days of inspiration—Create a daily habit with a variety of minimalism-focused exercises, meditations, reflections, and more.
  • Bite-sized entries—Short prompts help you get into the minimalist mindset without needing to spend hours cleaning out closets.
  • A path to freedom—Learn how letting go of things can help you make room for more meaning and value in your life.


Embark on a life of sustainable minimalism with this habit-building minimalism book.