Polyamory Journal: A Relationship Book

Polyamory Journal: A Relationship Book

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Understand yourself and thrive in non-monogamy

Being attuned to yourself allows you to more authentically share yourself with others. Whether you’ve just started considering an open relationship or you’ve been non-monogamous for years, this guided relationship journal can help you explore yourself and your needs as you navigate polyamory.

What sets this book apart from other polyamorous relationship books:

  • A primer on polyamory—Learn more about what polyamory is, the difference between ethical and unethical non-monogamy, the various types of polyamorous relationship structures, and more.
  • Relevant topics—This journal highlights themes that can help you succeed in healthy polyamorous relationships, like fortifying your self-security, establishing and honoring boundaries, and working through jealousy.
  • A mix of exercises—Better understand your values and desires through journal prompts, quotes, Q&As, and interactive activities like creating a vision board or writing a manual for anyone who might want to be in a relationship with you.


Discover more about yourself and polyamory through the nonjudgmental approach in this guided journal.