A Year of Gratitude Journal for Kids

A Year of Gratitude Journal for Kids

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Inspire kids ages 5 to 7 to tap into the power of gratitude 

The simple, purposeful act of putting pen (or crayon!) to paper to express gratitude can help children build positivity, optimism, and self-esteem. This guided kids gratitude journal provides fun prompts and exercises that will get little ones excited about sharing what makes them happy every day for a year—because they're never too young to start practicing gratitude.

What sets A Year of Gratitude Journal for Kids apart:

  • Gratitude 101—Kids will learn what gratitude is and that they can feel grateful for big things, like when someone helps them, or small things, like a really yummy smell.
  • 365 playful prompts—They’ll make gratitude a habit by writing or drawing what they most love about being outside, something brave they did, what makes them laugh, and much more.
  • Grow together—Find fresh ways to connect and bond with your child as you learn what brings them joy and appreciation for life.


Support your child’s emotional learning and help them celebrate the best parts of their day with A Year of Gratitude Journal for Kids.