Challenging Math Riddles for Kids

Challenging Math Riddles for Kids

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Get kids’ brains buzzing with super-tricky math riddles for ages 8 to 12

Welcome to a different kind of math book: a collection of tricky riddles that make math more interesting for kids. This book is chock-full of challenging puzzles that will help kids have fun while boosting their logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

What sets this kids’ riddle book apart:

  • Oodles of riddles—Discover a variety of math-based challenges that kids can solve solo or with friends and family, including tricky number problems and clever wordplay.
  • Progressive difficulty—Kids can warm up with simple riddles, then work their way through three mind-melting levels that get harder as they move through the book.
  • Classic conundrums—Kids will solve classic math riddles while learning crazy facts about their history and how they stumped ancient mathematicians and great thinkers alike.


Get young learners excited about math with this top choice in riddle books for kids.