The Brain Boosting Trivia Book for Adults

The Brain Boosting Trivia Book for Adults

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Keep your mind sharp with 750+ engaging trivia questions

Learning trivia can help you test your memory, increase your knowledge, and strengthen your mind—plus, it’s just fun! This book is packed with hundreds of trivia quizzes designed for adults of all ages, offering hours of stimulating entertainment as you learn fascinating new facts and boost your brainpower.

This standout among trivia books for adults includes:

  • All types of trivia—Stretch your brain with multiple choice quizzes, Q&As, true/false questions, sequencing puzzles, and word banks.
  • A variety of topics—Keep things interesting with four major trivia categories: animals and nature, arts and literature, food and drink, and sports and world history.
  • Group trivia tips—Play on your own or host a trivia party with detailed directions for playing in pairs or in larger groups.


Sharpen your thinking skills with The Brain Boosting Trivia Book for Adults.