The Essential Sex Education Book for Parents

The Essential Sex Education Book for Parents

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Discover sex-positive guidance to help you have important talks with your tween or teen

Find out how you can tackle the sometimes difficult subject of sex in a way that encourages your child to open up, be honest, and not feel ashamed. This modern guide helps you confidently discuss 70 essential sex education topics. Each subject features an easy-to-understand explanation, as well as questions and prompts designed to help you start meaningful dialogues.

What sets this book apart from other books about sex education for teens:

  • Sex education 101—Learn about the physical, mental, emotional, and social changes that your child is experiencing as they move through puberty.
  • Tips for talking—In addition to helpful prompts, find guidance for how to have conversations with your child, respond to difficult questions, and more.
  • Comprehensive info—Better understand up-to-date approaches on sex education, exploring everything from sexual health and safe sex to consent, gender identity, and social media.


Make sure you’re ready to have “The Talk” with The Essential Sex Education Book for Parents.