The Social Skills Workbook for Teens

The Social Skills Workbook for Teens

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Help teens boost their confidence in social situations

It’s normal for teens to struggle with social skills and self-confidence. But with the right tools and a little practice, they can make social situations a lot easier to deal with. Whether your teen is just a little shy or suffers from social anxiety, The Social Skills Workbook for Teens is packed with strategies and exercises to help them thrive. They’ll discover simple ways to cope with teen anxiety, build confidence, form lasting friendships, and cultivate kindness in everyday interactions with others.

Inside this workbook designed to strengthen social skills for teens, they’ll find:

  • An intro to social skills—Teens will learn what social skills are, why they’re important, and the connection between self-esteem and social anxiety.
  • A variety of exercises—This workbook helps teens develop lifelong skills through journal prompts, quizzes, mindfulness exercises, and more.
  • Real-life situations—Teens will find out how to apply the techniques they’ve learned to real scenarios and feelings, whether it’s a fight with a friend, anxiety about public speaking, or a difficult interaction with a teacher.


Give young people effective tools for managing their stress and enjoying social situations with this social anxiety workbook for teens.