The Complete Guide to Tarot

The Complete Guide to Tarot

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Find answers in the cards with this comprehensive reference

Manifest with the Magician, pave the way for new beginnings with the Tower, and connect to your subconscious with the High Priestess. Tarot will empower your intuition and help you gain insight into your life and the lives of others. This comprehensive tarot book guide demystifies the ancient art to provide you with the knowledge and techniques you need to approach your tarot practice with confidence. You’ll unlock your destiny by learning tarot symbols and meanings, how to set intentions, and how to create and read spreads for any situation.

  • Tarot fundamentals—Begin your journey with tarot history, tips for connecting with your tarot cards, and advice on focusing your intentions.
  • Bring your cards to life—Dive into your deck with profiles of all 78 cards that include upright and reversed keywords, prominent symbols, and astrology, as well as a glossary of key terms for easy reference.
  • Tarot spreads—Learn card spreads for personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and peering into the past, present, and future.


Tap into your wisdom and open up a whole new world of possibilities with this tarot card meaning book.