Search the Rainforest, Find the Animals

Search the Rainforest, Find the Animals

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Search-and-find fun for kids ages 5 to 7

Take kids on a journey into the depths of the world’s rainforests! This look-and-find activity book is bursting with hidden picture puzzles and incredible info about all kinds of awesome creatures.

From the Amazon to Mount Kilimanjaro, kids won’t have to look far to find some of the world’s most amazing animals. Challenge their attention to detail as they learn all about the different kinds of rainforests and how they can help save them.

Go beyond other search and find books for kids with:

  • Tons of fun facts―Looking and finding is more fun than ever thanks to a wide variety of interesting animal trivia.
  • Adorable artwork―Keep little eyes on the page with wonderfully illustrated puzzles―each with 10 things to discover.
  • Handy answer keys―Are they having trouble finding a specific animal? There’s a full answer key in the back of the book.


Keep little ones entertained and learning with this standout among look and find books.