Creative Hand Lettering Journal for Christians

Creative Hand Lettering Journal for Christians

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Reflect on God’s Word as you create beautiful, hand-lettered art dline

Hand lettering passages from Scripture is a great way to unwind, get creative, and meditate on the Lord’s wisdom. With a collection of uplifting Bible verses and plenty of space to practice and journal, this book invites you to spend meaningful time with God as you learn the art of hand lettering.

What sets this book apart:

  • Creative lettering basics—Review the fundamentals of hand lettering, including how to form, connect, and space letters—no experience required.
  • A range of elegant fonts—Try your hand at seven unique alphabets and use them to make art with a variety of uplifting and instructive Bible passages.
  • Room to write and reflect—Find space to practice each letter of each alphabet, write free hand, and record your thoughts and reflections about each Bible verse.


Connect with Christ and improve your hand lettering skills with the Creative Lettering Journal for Christians.