30-Minute Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook

30-Minute Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook

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Eat well with easy, tempting dishes to manage your type 2 diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis often means changing your diet—but doing so doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. The 30-Minute Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook is full of nutritious dishes that utilize basic ingredients and require minimal prep, allowing you to eat healthy and manage your diabetes symptoms without spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

  • 75 scrumptious recipes—From sizzling Mongolian-Inspired Beef to a succulent Salmon Po’boy, feast on a range of fast, simple recipes that are light on carbs and sugar but big on flavor.
  • Overview of type 2 diabetes—Learn the connection between diabetes and diet, including the role of blood sugar, insulin, and the glycemic index.
  • Strategies for success—Sticking to your new diet is made easier with tips for stocking your pantry with nutritious staples, suggestions for “make ahead” meals, and healthy ways to satisfy your cravings.


Transform your diet and take control of your health with the 30-Minute Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook.