Keep Your Cool: An Anger Management Journal for Kids

Keep Your Cool: An Anger Management Journal for Kids

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Playful prompts that teach anger management for kids 8 to 12

We all feel angry sometimes—and that’s okay! Keep Your Cool is packed full of prompts to help children better understand their feelings of anger, where those feelings come from, and what they can do to calm them down. School psychologist Dr. Hiedi France makes learning to manage anger easy and engaging with this supportive journal that will have kids writing about what makes them happy, drawing what anger looks like, and more.

This anger management workbook for kids includes:

  • Regular check-ins—Each prompt starts by asking kids to identify how they feel and why, teaching them to recognize and understand their feelings.
  • Lots of ways to manage anger—Evidence-based exercises show kids how to handle big emotions, better express themselves, and be more mindful.
  • Independent learning—Simple activities encourage kids to use this journal on their own, tackling its contents in whatever order they like and really taking charge of their anger.


Help kids develop the anger management skills they’ll need to thrive with this journal for kids.