Self-Love Workbook for Black Women

Self-Love Workbook for Black Women

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Show yourself a little TLC with self-love exercises for Black women

As a Black woman, the many roles you fill can leave little room to take care of yourself. Prioritize your own joy, healing, and growth with this self-care workbook for Black women, filled with empowering exercises and affirmations that help you nurture your authentic self and thrive.

  • Embrace self-love—Lay the foundation for self-love as you reflect on your identity, explore experiences many modern Black women share, and learn what loving yourself truly means.
  • Put it into practice—Discover writing prompts, affirmations, and other simple exercises that help you find inner peace and self-confidence.
  • Explore key themes—Learn to love where you're at, practice self-compassion, let go of self-doubt, foster your self-worth, and build a community that empowers you.


Give yourself the gift of self-compassion with this uplifting choice in self-care books for Black women.