The Boundaries Workbook

The Boundaries Workbook

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Set and maintain clear boundaries in every facet of your life

Healthy boundaries define what you’re willing to accept from others—and yourself. But learning to speak up for your needs and say no without feeling guilty takes some practice. This workbook offers insights and exercises to help you set, communicate, and uphold clear and consistent boundaries—so you can enjoy more rewarding relationships and start living the life you truly want.

What sets this boundaries book apart:

  • The basics of boundary-setting—Understand your needs, find freedom from limiting beliefs about yourself, and create boundaries that support your overall well-being.
  • An array of engaging exercises—Explore writing prompts, actionable scripts, and mindfulness activities that help you maintain your boundaries and practice self-care.
  • Additional support—Complete this workbook on its own or in conjunction with The Boundaries Journal for extra guidance and self-reflection.


Learn how to set realistic limitations and prioritize your well-being with The Boundaries Workbook.