The Boundaries Journal

The Boundaries Journal

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Journal your way to better boundaries

Personal boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a fulfilling life, helping you stand firm in how you want to be treated and what you’re willing to accept from others—and yourself. This guided journal is filled with thought-provoking prompts and exercises that encourage you to enforce healthy boundaries and let go of negative feelings so you can truly thrive.

What sets this boundaries book apart:

  • 5 key themes—Find prompts that help you discover your influences, explore your boundaries, address anxiety and guilt, love and accept yourself, and uphold your boundaries for life.
  • Engaging exercises—In addition to reflective writing prompts, this journal provides a mix of positive affirmations, uplifting quotes, and other simple activities to help you set and maintain boundaries.
  • Additional support—Use this journal on its own or alongside The Boundaries Workbook for extra guidance and advice.


Improve your relationships and your overall well-being with The Boundaries Journal.