Macro Cookbook for Men

Macro Cookbook for Men

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Meet your macro goals with recipes designed just for men

If you want to burn fat and build muscle, you need to properly balance your fat, carb, and protein intake. Otherwise, it’s going to be harder and take longer to hit your desired goals. This cookbook delivers the straightforward guidance and flavorful dishes you need to achieve results.

What sets this macro cookbook apart:

  • Introductory meal plans—Start things off with a trio of weeklong meal plans customized to help reduce fat, gain muscle, or work on both at the same time.
  • No experience necessary—From satisfying breakfasts to hearty dinners, discover 65 macro-focused recipes perfect for new and experienced home cooks alike.
  • Sample workouts—Maximize the effectiveness of your new, macro-balanced diet with suggested exercise routines for weight loss, strength training, and cardio.


Transform your health through better eating with this healthy eating cookbook for men.