The Big Book of College Football Trivia

The Big Book of College Football Trivia

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Are you a college football superfan? Prove it!

With more than a century of football history to pull from, this trivia compilation will put your college football memory to the test. Use the trivia in this book to build your knowledge; test what you already know about college teams, coaches, and traditions; then challenge others to see who is the bigger fan of this Saturday sports tradition.

What sets this football book apart:

  • 700 questions—From the sport’s earliest days to its most memorable games throughout the years, there’s a fun quiz question for all of college football’s unforgettable moments.
  • A full roster—Explore players, coaches, conferences, bowl games, and national championships with an organized format that lets you get right to the info you’re looking for.
  • Extra credit—Each chapter includes a cool end section with even more insider knowledge about college football, like an explanation of the Heisman curse and a quick history of the NFL draft.


Get ready to put your college football knowledge in play!