Depression Journal: Daily Check-In

Depression Journal: Daily Check-In

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Reflect, write, and progress in your mental health journey

When it comes to managing your depression, the first and most important step is understanding it. This simple, guided journal and symptom tracker provides you with the resources you need to take stock of your well-being on a daily basis, helping you recognize the various ways your depression is affecting you so that you can take meaningful steps toward improved mental health.

What sets this journal apart from other books for depression:

  • Repeated daily check-ins—Learn to identify emotional trends and work through triggers as you record everything from your feelings throughout the day to your social engagements.
  • Guided prompts—Reflect on your life and find ways to break free from challenging depression symptoms using the dozens of unique prompts included in this journal.
  • Healthy habits—Give your mental health a boost with habits designed to help you center yourself including practicing mindfulness, using breathing exercises, and making a list of supportive friends.


Journal your way to a healthier state of mind with this standout depression book.