The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Women

The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Women

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Discover the power of cannabis for health, beauty, and fun

Cannabis is more popular than ever with women. It can relieve menstrual cramps, soothe menopause symptoms, and even improve your sex life. But with all the products and paraphernalia out there, where do you start? The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Women breaks down everything you need to know to achieve better wellness and the perfect high.

  • The truth about cannabis—Get a crash course in the science of cannabis, and debunk some of the most common misconceptions.
  • What works for you—Explore the wide variety of uses for cannabis, with advice on buying the right strain, using topicals, and more.
  • Try it at home—Create your own cannabis products with recipes like Cannabis-Infused Sugar Scrub, Brownie Mary Brownies, and The OG Kush Queen Bath Bomb.


Go beyond other cannabis books with a female-focused guide that shows you how to get the results you’re looking for.