Raising Girls: Devotional for Mom

Raising Girls: Devotional for Mom

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Find strength and guidance in God’s wisdom as you raise your daughter

Raising a daughter is an immense blessing, but it can be challenging at times. This devotional will inspire you, draw you closer to God, and give you confidence and encouragement as you go about the incredibly important job of helping your daughter be the best person she can be.

What sets this book about raising girls apart from other mom devotionals:

  • Support your daughter—Spend 60 days learning from Scripture and exploring the challenges that girls face so you can help your daughter succeed and thrive.
  • Feel uplifted as a mom—Find reassurance that you’re doing a great job, and that God is always there to guide you, as you encourage your daughter to recognize her worth and build a foundation of faith.
  • Lean into the Lord—These devotions are meant to breathe life into a weary mother’s heart whenever it’s needed. Whether your daughter is a toddler or on the cusp of adulthood, it’s always a good time to soak in the truth and encouragement of Scripture.


Release your worries to the Lord and forge a stronger bond with your daughter using Raising Girls: A 60-Day Devotional for Moms.