Sex Education for Girls: A Parent's Guide

Sex Education for Girls: A Parent's Guide

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Discover sex-positive guidance for teaching your tween or teen daughter what she needs to know

As your daughter enters puberty, she’s going to have a lot of questions that she’ll need your help to answer. Filled with understanding and uplifting guidance, this book helps you recognize what your daughter is experiencing and have open conversations about everything from gender identity and sexuality to consent and safer sex.

What sets this book on sex education for kids apart:

  • A sex-positive approach—Get direct guidance for tackling questions in ways that encourage your daughter to form a healthy attitude toward sex and sexual health.
  • Advice for key conversations—Learn how to open lines of communication with your daughter on subjects like periods, dating, social media, and body image.
  • Frequently asked questions—Discover answers to some of the most common questions parents have when teaching their daughters about sex and sexual health.


Make sure you’re both ready for The Talk with Sex Education for Girls: A Parent’s Guide.