The Big Book of Herbal Medicine

The Big Book of Herbal Medicine

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Tap into nature’s medicine cabinet and alleviate your ailments

Better health and wellness can begin in your own backyard—literally. Discover the benefits of natural remedies with this definitive guide to herbal medicine and gain a greater understanding of how you can use plants to treat common ailments like rashes, exhaustion, inflammation, stomachaches, and so much more.

What sets this herbal medicine book apart:

  • Survey of herbal medicine—Whether you’re new to herbalism or a dedicated practitioner, enjoy a comprehensive overview that covers all important aspects of medicinal herbs such as energetics, dosage, and must-have tools.
  • 90 herb profiles—Explore the healing properties, safety considerations, and preparations of 90 herbs that are simple to source, from aloe to yarrow.
  • 300 natural remedies—Address a wide range of physical, emotional, and skin-related issues with hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes for salves, balms, syrups, teas, and more.


Unearth nature’s healing remedies and improve your well-being with The Big Book of Herbal Medicine