My Life Story So Far: A Grandfather’s Journal

My Life Story So Far: A Grandfather’s Journal

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Help grandpa tell his life’s story with this guided journal

Grandfathers have important stories to tell. This guided journal is filled with insightful prompts that encourage him to reflect and write about everything that has shaped him and made him who he is today. He’ll share his unique perspectives and life lessons that will offer wisdom to his loved ones for generations to come.

With this my-life-story-so-far journal, grandpa will:

  • Write his memoir—He can document his life in chronological order, from his favorite childhood memories to what it was like becoming a grandparent and the legacy he wants to leave behind.
  • Find room for in-depth reflection—Plenty of lined space will allow grandpa to open up, get creative, and record as many details as he’d like after each thought-provoking prompt.
  • Create a cherished keepsake—This life story journal’s beautiful design and carefully curated prompts make it easy for grandfathers to fill out and share with grandchildren, family, and friends.


Inspire the grandfather in your life to record his life’s story with this grandparent memory book that makes for a special and meaningful gift.