CBT Workbook to Boost Your Self Esteem

CBT Workbook to Boost Your Self Esteem

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Improve your self-esteem with CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based approach that can be used to address self-critical thoughts, identify patterns, and boost self-esteem. From establishing useful habits to setting boundaries, this science-centered workbook will help you understand, cultivate, and maintain self-esteem.

  • Move forward with greater clarity—Learn about your negative inner voice, practice everyday mindfulness, and engage your mind with other activities to build a healthy sense of self.
  • Anticipate common obstacles—Develop contingency plans in advance to help you get back on track when you get derailed.
  • Keep up the momentum—Creating strategies for maintaining progress encourages you to stay motivated.


Boost your self-esteem with this supportive CBT skills workbook.